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FAQs - Carnosine Product
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Q1. What is Carnosine? 
Carnosine is a dietary fibre formulation.  It is not a medicine, no dependencies, and no side effects.  It is a health product, it slowly conditions your digestive system, improves metabolism rates, your build will become better naturally, body weight will be maintained at the appropriate level. However, it is not a miracle product, it is just a healthcare supplementary product, as not everyone can develop a healthy lifestyle and exercising routine. 
Carnosine’s raw materials include natural vegetable and fruits, chelated together with extracts of varying types of antioxidants. Carnosine has passed the “Sweden SGS” certification report, a total of 320 types of western medicine and illegal substances were tested and reported negative, thus it is safe for consumption.
Q2. How to consume Carnosine?
Q3. Would there be any laxative effects?  
Q4. How is the taste of the Carnosine Gold and Silver? Does it taste bad?  
Q5. Can one consume Carnosine during breast feeding or pregnancy periods?  
Q6. Can obese teenagers consume Carnosine?   
Q7. In what way can we consume to expedite the slimming process? Would there be any relapse after slimming down?  
Q8. If there is no constipation but I only want to lose weight, can I just consume Carnosine Silver?  
Q9. I feel that for slimming, one just have to control their food intake and regular exercising would be sufficient, there isn’t a need to eat Carnosine.  
Q10. How long do I need to consume for me to slim down?  
Q11. I have a slim build and does not want to lose weight, can I take Carnosine to condition my body?
Q12. I have taken your product and find it to be very beneficial, can I be the agent for the product?
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